Happy Easter from Allegrini

 Casa / Stiri / Happy Easter from Allegrini

Investigating in holidays origin permits to discover a deeper message and content in them, both religious, lay and pagan.

Starting from the Greek Pascha, the passage, then we can find many derivative terms in many European languages: from the Hebraic “pesach”, to the Spanish Pascua, the French Pâques, the Rumanian Paște and so on.

In the English Easter and German Ostern, we can find the reference to “austron”, the dawn that raises from East, and to Eostre, the goddess of renaissance.

Different languages and folks, that in Easter all share the same etymological meaning: the passage, the dawn, the renaissance. 

A dawn that shines in a new beginning, and moves on.


We wish to you all a peaceful Easter in the sign of this fresh start that is coming.

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