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The new biocide with disinfectant action

For Oxy Ready, the new detergent based on hydrogen peroxide (10.000 parts per million) with disinfectant action, has been officially authorized by the Italian Minister of Health as a ready to use disinfectant, by derogation from article 55 of the Biocidal Product Regulation 528/2012.

A new entry in Allegrini range of products, For-Oxy Ready (also available in 5 Kg can) is produced by the R&D laboratories in the middle of Covid-19 emergency in order to provide a solution to face virus such as Coronavirus Sars-CoV2, which remains over the surfaces at room temperature up to 9 days according to an analysis of 22 studies published on the “Journal of Hospital Infection”.

Also indicated in the circular DGPRE 001764422 of the Italian Ministry of health dated May 20th, 2020 among the recommended active substances for the prevention and decontamination of surfaces,

the hydrogen peroxide presents its excellent bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal properties and considering that it works on a wide range of microorganisms, notably on bacteria, yeasts, fungi, virus and spores.

According to the Italian Ministry of Health, the following steps are essential in order to contain the spread of coronavirus:


1. Throughly clean surfaces and objects with water and mild detergents because the ordinary cleaning with water and soap reduces the quantity of virus on the surfaces and objects, thus reducing the exposure risk.

2. Disinfect using disinfectant products with authorised virucidal action;

3. Ensure a sufficient degree of ventilation and air exchange.


What are the other highlights of For-Oxy Ready?

Compatibility with many differents surfaces: steel, aluminium, plastic (even the recycled one), glass, leather (even the painted one), faux leather, epdm gaskets, LCD screens, cotton textiles, wool, microfiber, etc.

Suitable for every context: hotels, hospitals, RSA, clinics, restaurants, bars, nursing home, ice-cream parlours, bakeries, food industries, carwash and garages

Eco-friendly: the surfactant is biodegradable


To be continued: tests on For-Oxy Ready continue…

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