Allegrini chooses metrika as its financial partner

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A process of structured development starts

Allegrini, the Italian chemical company with a leadership position for the manufacture of professional detergents and cosmetic products for hospitality, was chosen for the first operation by Metrika SGR S.p.A., authorised Private Equity Fund Manager that is close to the landmark figure of 100 million euro collected. The objective is for growth in terms of corporate acquisitions, manufacturing capacity and expansion on international markets.


Milan, 27th October 2020 - Allegrini, in order to foster its internal, external and international growth, has signed an agreement with Metrika SGR S.p.A. which has completed its first investment, acquiring a majority holding of the company’s share capital.


The partners and executive managers Maurizio and Ottaviano Allegrini will continue to lead the company, with assistance from the Fund in the more extensive process of corporate development.


Maurizio and Ottaviano Allegrini declared: “We have the company’s future at heart, and this has induced us to take a long-sighted view towards an outlook of development that goes beyond our own vision of ownership: a financial partner such as Metrika will be able to provide support for our ambitions, giving us a launch pad towards new international horizons, guaranteeing continuity in moments of discontinuity, preserving the values of local presence, service, innovation and sustainability that have always been part of our mission. At this pivotally important moment, in first place we would like to remember and thank our father Giacomo Allegrini, co-founder of the company, and likewise all our clients and our staff who have made it possible to reach this milestone event”.


With a positioning, at the outbreak of the pandemic, as one of the major Italian suppliers of disinfectant gel, Allegrini has been able to provide an efficacious response to the high demand for products capable of combating the risk of Covid-19 infection. In fact, during the emergency phase, the company was outstanding for the high standards of quality of its professional products and for its principal product Primagel Plus, a “Medical and Surgical Device”.


Marco Giuseppini, founder and CEO of Metrika, said, “[...] Companies such as Allegrini demonstrate the vitality of the country’s industrial ecosystem and how it is rapidly recovering in order to compete at a global level. Metrika, as has been shown by the Investment Team’s performance over the years and in its role as manager of alternative investment funds, has a powerful belief in the Italian Private Equity sector, which acts as a driver assisting the recovery of the entire economy on one hand, while also providing excellent returns for investors on the other”.


Nicola Pietralunga, Managing Partner at Metrika: “[...] Allegrini is one of the most highly recognised players in the market niche of professional detergent products and cosmetics, and in recent years it has been particularly impressive for its high levels of technical expertise, its remarkable operational flexibility, and its capability of offering a 360-degree customer service. All this in addition to a product quality that is positioned at the highest tiers of both sectors of reference”.


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