Allegrini is reconfirmed as Main Partner of AC Monza

 Casa / Stiri / Allegrini is reconfirmed as Main Partner of AC Monza

In football as well as in the company, value to young people

Allegrini has renewed its partnership with the red and white team Associazione Calcio Monza as Main Partner.


"Determination and the will to grow together are two winning cards in sport as well as in the company. Teamwork and healthy competition together with the growth of young talents are values in which Allegrini has always firmly believed and AC Monza represents them at their best" says Maurizio AllegriniCEO of Allegrini S.p.A.


Adriano GallianiCEO of AC Monza commented: "The renewal of an important group like Allegrini as Main Partner shows how credible and successful the AC Monza project is. The Club’s goal is to continue growing on and off the field through the values shared with the partner companies. For this reason Allegrini is a perfect reality because it is Italian and in constant pursuit of excellence".


Youth people are the strategic asset on which the company has been focusing increasingly in recent years: in Allegrini more than half of the employees are under 40 and there is a strong growth in the recruitment of new talents which are able to set and achieve ambitious and forward-looking goals.


To consolidate the partnership between Allegrini and AC Monza is also the close territorial proximity: thanks to the regulations currently in force, employees and customers of the company can attend live matches and initiatives with enthusiasm to bring out the values of union, passion and sharing.

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