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The new olfactory experience

Emozioni Italiane is the new Allegrini line of fragrances for the environment inspired by the most iconic Italian cities. Elaborated only with the finest natural ingredients, it tells a travel experience through the persuasive power of scent.

Each number corresponds to a destination, each essence to a memory. Perfume as an evocative medium that increases the appeal of a place or a brand.


Accurately drawn up, the line was created to stimulate the capacity of the human mind to associate the fragrance located in a space to a destination to which it refers. The scent releases personal revelations and emotions, lead them to a specific place and precise moment, information that could be emphasized in a business strategy could make tangible your brand, or give a concrete identity to your spaces or environments. It will be so great go back in those spaces or talk positively about a brand to a wide audience.


The line tells a real olfactory journey in search of various notes of Allegrini fragrances, whose ingredients are associated with specific therapeutic properties.

The voyage through the scents shows how deeply perfume can influence customer’s behaviour, recalling different feelings bound to the memory of an experience or to an emotion felt after having enjoyed a destination, a place, a landscape or just a space.



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