New Ecodish LF dishes detergent and low foam

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Maximum effectiveness. Minimum environmental impact.

With over 70 years of experience behind, we are familiar with our customers problems and we work every day on the research of the best solution, proposing innovative and top quality products.

They are carried out from scrupulous tests realized by our Research&Development laboratories.

We know that when we operate outside the kitchen space, for example on boats, it is not always possible to control the disposal of wastewater.

With the purpose to ensure the slightest environmental impact, Allegrini Nautical suggests:


Ecodish LF New dishes detergent and low foam.


It is easily rinsable, without living stains or halos. Pleasant green apple scent.

Its special formula contains surfactants of natural origin with high biodegradability levels, and it

has an optimal wetting and dirt-dispersant power.

It efficiently degreases plates, crockery, cutlery, pots, worktops, tools, sinks and every kind of washable surface. The presence of low environmental-impact and high quality row materials, make it an ecofriendly product.

Its distinctive characteristics make ECODISH LF suitable to be used in the nautical sector, but not only. Its use is particularly recommended on campers and caravans as well.

Thanks to its low foam power it is easily rinsable without leaving stains or halos. It has a pleasing green apple scent.

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